Located at 351 North Union Street
  1. Walk The Gardens
    Walk The Gardens
  2. Enjoy Open Spaces
    Enjoy Open Spaces
  3. Anytime Of The Year
    Anytime Of The Year
  4. Alongside The River
    Alongside The River
​​​​​​​​​ From the north : take Route 1 or George Washington Parkway south. In Alexandria, turn left on Pendleton Street, drive to Union Street, turn right on Union Street. Go one block. There’s the park!

From the south: take Route 1, I-395, or George Washington Parkway north to Alexandria. Turn right on King Street, drive to Union Street, turn left. Go two blocks. There’s the park!
​​​Click here for more information on parks in Alexandria.

Photos courtesy of Howard Bergman,   Sarah Alice(www.sarahalice.net) and Teesi Rice